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Static Décor


“Event Trees bring the outside inside”

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Event trees are an Encore original. Yes that’s right, you can have actual trees at your upcoming event. They are great for creating depth in your space when enhanced with lighting elements. No matter what the color, your event trees will add the right amount of personality and style. This is a completely modern way to bring the outside in. Also consider hanging crystal bead strand, giant pine-cones, mossy green, or tying colored ribbons to the branches. These are just a few examples of how event trees can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Click any of the pictures above to enlarge the sample images.



“14 Foot Tall Hanging Crystal Bead Chandeliers”

“Light Pillars are an impressive way to decorate your space”

Are you going for the Miami feel at your event? Color changing columns are a great way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our light pillars go almost 9 feet vertical. Our team controls them digitally, which allows us to have them mimic the same colors of your event. They work wonders for grand entrances and perimeter lighting. You can even add a touch of style by arranging them on the four corners of your dance floor. Click any of the 3 photos above to enlarge the sample images.


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