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I would say that roughly 80% of our clients get a lighting upgrade. This can either be Wall Accent Lighting, or a custom name monogram light for your wedding or special event. A name monogram for your wedding reception is displayed in very wispy distinguished fonts on a wall or the dance floor. I recommend placing this behind the head table for a nice backdrop in the photos. You can also place the name light on the dance floors which will truly put the center of attention on the guests of honor.

The great part about having a lighting designer on-site, is that you can reposition the light throughout the evening. So let’s so for the beginning port you want to aim it on a wall, you can then move it onto the dance floor later. Another place you can aim the fixture is onto a drapery backdrop. We even did an event before where we aimed it out a 15th story balcony onto the Detroit Riverfront. The couples names could be seen from 2 countries. It is up to you how you want to display your name.

Custom Design for Your Name Monogram Light

We will submit 27 unique designs to find out which one you would like. We then customize several designs to match you. Some people prefer initials while other brides and grooms choose dates. You can even spell out last names and mix it up a bit. This is your custom design and it should tie in with your invitations or any other elements that use your names during the wedding planning process.

If you already have a design created, all you have to do is submit to us the artwork. This is great for couples that already have one set for their wedding invitations. Using the same design in multiple places helps create a brand for your special event.

Create Other Patterns for Your Event

We also have provided custom lighting for other events. These can be company logos, patterns, or just something that is plain simple. We have a variety of stock patterns in inventory for you to choose from. These are primarily used to enhance themes with breakup projection. You can incorporate different colors into the design elements of your lighting. Either way depending on which route you take, I guarantee you that it will leave an impact on your guests.

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