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Can My Lighing Choices Affect the Mood of My Event?

April 16, 2010 by  
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The effect colors have on our minds and bodies has been documented for thousands of years. Even all the way back in ancient times, people were learning how to use the power of colors to improve their lives and emotions. Read our list below to learn how your lighting choices can affect the mood of your event.

Red easily overwhelms. Keeping this in mind it should mostly be used to highlight something and not as the primary room color. Venues in which the color red dominates the room may create nervousness. However, venues where red is used sparingly may cause people to lose track of time, Which is why you see a lot of red being used to accentuate bars and casinos.

Yellow used in small amounts creates a feeling of warmth or brightness. It symbolizes light, warmth and creativity and may even inspire a relaxed outlook on life. The color yellow is similar to the rays of the sun to the mind, increasing serotonin and dopamine production, these being the chemicals responsible for happiness and good feelings.

Shades of deep blue have been known to relax your central nervous system causing you to feel tired or depressed. While light blue will only cause you to relax.


The color green has to many meaning to all be listed here but has traditionally been used to symbolize life and nature. Green used in ceremonies symbolizes fertility.


Orange has been linked with feelings of warmth, generosity, success and truthfulness. Orange is best used at events centering on a personal achievement. Orange also can be used for charitable events and organizations.

Black is the color of professionalism, seriousness and power. Many people choose to wear black at formal occasions to demonstrate respect for the occasion. Where as in contrast, people of the cloth wear black in symbolism of their duty to God. While still there are some people that wear black simply for its slimming effects.

The color white has long been a symbol of chastity, innocence or purity. This is why white is the traditional color of a bride’s wedding dress.  This was originally intended to indicate virginity.


The color brown is representative of the earth and primordial clay we once sprung from. It is a base color.  Brown is best used when trying to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Brown symbolizes masculinity and sincerity.


The color purple was originally reserved for royalty due to the extreme difficulty in locating enough sea urchins to be used as dye. Purple is used to emphasize sophistication and luxury. Purple is also a color of passion used much in the inspiring of romantic emotions.


While pink is perhaps the most romantic of colors. Stimulating feelings of lust or arousal.


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